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Hi Folks. You may have noticed that DMFiat is taking a hiatus.  We will continue to post, but more sporadically and not according to our previous schedule. We are all working on a multitude of projects that we hope to share with you soon.  Keep checking for updates and potential teasers as everything gets closer to completion. Thanks for your patience! DM Fiat Team  

Science in Sci-fi Gaming: Toxoplasma

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While this column normally focuses on space topics, I’m going to take a brief detour to discuss some new science that’s been discovered on the unsettling subject of parasites. When parasites get inside of creatures, they don’t just chill there. They have all kinds of weird and creepy ways of manipulating their hosts into doing what’s in the best interest of the parasite.  The Toxoplasma gondii parasite is a single-celled organism that wants to live in the intestines of a …

Science in Sci-Fi Gaming: Space Junk

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Sure, Space Junk may not sound like much, but in orbit right now there are thousands of objects zooming around the earth at speeds fast enough to escape earth’s gravity. And it’s a big problem for any space-faring civilizations. Whether it’s caused by ship wreckage, mining operations, or just bad planning it has the power to destroy satellites, damage space craft and keep civilizations grounded for centuries. Read past the break to learn how to use this deadly hazard in …

Interview with Stephen + Loz from Character Cards

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We talked to Stephen and Loz, the team behind Character Cards: a deck of NPCs that can be shuffled into your tabletop game.  We discuss how Character Cards make GMing faster and easier, the possibility of a tarot deck expansion (or a modern deck), and what kinds of hijinks ensue when your character tries to use an astral diamond to buy a cake. Read more after the break and make sure you check out their Kickstarter page!

Interview with Ryan Dancey of Goblinworks

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Perseus and Ophelia interviewed Ryan Dancey of Goblinworks to discuss the upcoming Pathfinder Online MMO.  We talk about the role of assassins, the encounter escalation process and the opportunity for user-generated PVE content. If you would like to download the link for later listening, you can right click it and “Save Link As…” . Interview with Ryan Dancey 2:17 – Ryan Dancey (RD) discusses the possibility of expanding the game world beyond the River Kingdoms. 4:37 – Both individually created hexes and hex …