Evertide Games Interview: Goblins Alternate Realities

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Goblins: Alternate Realities

A few days ago we interviewed game designer Brad Phillips from Evertide Games about their upcoming game Goblins: Alternate Realities (GAR). We tried to get CEO Richard James on the phone as well, but technology was not our friend that day. Still, he e-mailed us later a few addendums, so you get the best of both worlds!

The game is based off of  Goblins Comic by Tarol Hunt and will be launching June 3rd on Kickstarter. If you haven’t read Goblins Comic, then I suggest you head on over there now, it’s hands down my favorite gaming webcomic.

That being said, you don’t have to be a Goblins fan to enjoy the game they’ve been brewing up. It has enough great stuff for everyone. Take a look at the interview past the cut and leave a comment with your thoughts!

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Interview with Stephen + Loz from Character Cards

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54483342e0d75ef527612d7e6b303146_largeWe talked to Stephen and Loz, the team behind Character Cards: a deck of NPCs that can be shuffled into your tabletop game.  We discuss how Character Cards make GMing faster and easier, the possibility of a tarot deck expansion (or a modern deck), and what kinds of hijinks ensue when your character tries to use an astral diamond to buy a cake.

Read more after the break and make sure you check out their Kickstarter page!

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Interview with Charlie Brumfield of Artisan Dice

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Charlie Brumfield runs Artisan Dice, a company that started after what he thought was an improbable Kickstarter project last year. He is back again with polyhedral dice and metal dice. He was nice enough to sit down with DM Fiat to answer some questions with a week left in his latest Kickstarter.

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Interview with Ryan Dancey of Goblinworks

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Perseus and Ophelia interviewed Ryan Dancey of Goblinworks to discuss the upcoming Pathfinder Online MMO.  We talk about the role of assassins, the encounter escalation process and the opportunity for user-generated PVE content. If you would like to download the link for later listening, you can right click it and “Save Link As…” .

Interview with Ryan Dancey

2:17 – Ryan Dancey (RD) discusses the possibility of expanding the game world beyond the River Kingdoms.

4:37 – Both individually created hexes and hex templates will be used to create setting.

14:43 – RD elaborates on the class system and why Archetypes are more flexible than traditional Classes.

10:33 – Settlements are like guilds, but with physical locations in game.  Player characters will have the ability to run different parts of a settlement, controlling it’s look and composition.

18:44 – In the future, players will be able to create their own adventure module style PVE content that they can supply or sell to other players for a profit.

Interview with Standard Action

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Last week, we talked to Joanna and Rob from Standard Action, a comedy web series about a hapless party of adventurers and their various hijinks. They’re running a Kickstarter to fund season 3 and when we spoke with them, their kickstarter was just a hair shy of funding.  It has since funded (but they haven’t hit the musical episode stretch goal yet!).

We talk about puppets, taxidermied squirrels, Joanna’s sandwich-making skills and the challenges of shooting outdoors in the rainforest.

Interview With Standard Action