Taking 10

Taking 10: Your First Date with a New System

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Dracula Dead and Loving It

Let’s face it, when it comes to tabletop games, Dungeons and Dragons is the gateway drug. If you haven’t played some edition of D&D, it’s quite possible that you’re some sort of extra-dimensional being, in which case you should probably stop procrastinating and get to work finding a portal back to your own dimension. All kidding aside, tons of people start their gaming career with D&D.  Some people never leave that bubble, but for the rest of us, making the transition to other games can be quite an adventure. Read more

Taking 10: Acting 101

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They serve it in pints“Oy! Bartender! Geh me anotha pint of that whadayacallit…Red Beer!”

Getting into your character is important for game masters and players alike. It helps set the scene for the game and it’s easier for players to remember the name of the gruff dwarf that doesn’t quite know what wine is. Acting out your characters with different voices and mannerisms is much better than just stating the character has those qualities.

If you’re unsure how to act things out at the table or you’re a little bit too shy to bust out with an Ahoy!or a disgruntled Aaaarrrrgggghhh! then take heed me hearties with these acting tips to beef up your role-playing… Read more

Pre-Game Jitters

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Stressed DM

GMing can be a scary thing, even if you’ve done it for years. You spend hours preparing for one Friday night and the entire group is going to be focused on you. It can get stressful and it doesn’t help to be anxious about your game before it happens. If you’re constantly worried about your upcoming game read beyond the cut for 500 mg of chill…

Read more

Chat Logs: Keeping everyone Honest

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“Have you ever been on a farm?” …The Lieutenant smirked, “Well, stick with me long enough and I’ll show you what you haven’t been missing all these years”

– Lieutenant Kros (R.I.P)

One of my favorite things about Fantasy Grounds is the ability to go over each session with a fine tooth comb. For me, this highlights the real difference between playing online vs. a real table. The fact that I can be a scatterbrained DM means that small conversations like the one above can get lost at a real table, especially if I’m taking bad notes. This particular snippet came from a conversation between a PC and an NPC love interest, but once he uttered those words it became clear– Lt. Kros had to die, whether it was cliche or not. As a GM you should take advantage of all the tools made available to you. The fact that virtual tabletops can record everything that happens in your session is a great asset to both you and your players. Read more

Anyone can Role-play

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Whether your first time was in the backyard with your friends playing cops and robbers or on the front porch talking with your imaginary friend, everyone has at some point in their lives been a role-player. In its purest form it doesn’t require any money or books, just your imagination and a few friends. The first time you played a tabletop it was a life changing event, in fact, I bet everyone here can remember their first real gaming session.

Just like any other hobby group we have our stereotypes: smelly guys in their mother’s basement, devil worshipers and no girls allowed. That’s not really who we are though – as a community we have tons of variety and that helps make our games better.

DM Fiat is a gaming news site/blog. Here you’ll find gaming news, industry interviews, tips for players and GMs plus anything else we can think of.  Our main goal is to share our experience with you and to have fun. Our motto is “Anyone Can Role-play.” It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what you do for a living. Roleplaying games are for everyone and whether you’re GMing your weekly game, creating your very first campaign setting, or just playing your heart out it doesn’t matter what system you use — if you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.

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