Interview with Ryan Dancey of Goblinworks


Perseus and Ophelia interviewed Ryan Dancey of Goblinworks to discuss the upcoming Pathfinder Online MMO.  We talk about the role of assassins, the encounter escalation process and the opportunity for user-generated PVE content. If you would like to download the link for later listening, you can right click it and “Save Link As…” .

Interview with Ryan Dancey

2:17 – Ryan Dancey (RD) discusses the possibility of expanding the game world beyond the River Kingdoms.

4:37 – Both individually created hexes and hex templates will be used to create setting.

14:43 – RD elaborates on the class system and why Archetypes are more flexible than traditional Classes.

10:33 – Settlements are like guilds, but with physical locations in game.  Player characters will have the ability to run different parts of a settlement, controlling it’s look and composition.

18:44 – In the future, players will be able to create their own adventure module style PVE content that they can supply or sell to other players for a profit.

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