Who is your Favorite Villain?

MaleficentVillains come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are scary, and some of them you’re rooting for despite yourself. I think for 90% of the movie, I was hoping that Loki would beat Thor to a pulp, that smug blonde bastard. Then there are the ones that keep you awake at night, most of them coming from Doctor Who: weeping angels, the silence. *Shudder*

DMs have a special relationship with villains’ since they’re responsible for creating antagonists for PCs to fight against. What villains do you draw inspiration from? What are your favorite types? And players, what kind of villains do you love to go up against?


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  1. Daystar Eld

    Magneto. In many stories he’s a borderline anti-hero, but I love how complex and sympathetic he is as a bad guy. He’s the cynic in all of us, jaded by his experiences and acting to do whatever is in his power to protect himself and those like him from forces that genuinely fear and despite them.

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