The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap: Episode 8

The Reaping -Season 4, Episode 8 The mid-season finale is upon us! That's right, we're officially at the end of Walking Dead until February 2014! But wow, what a way to go on break! In this episode, the remaining survivors in the Prison battle with the Governor's new

The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap: Episode 7

The Governor Rises Again -Season 4, Episode 7 The Governor is back to his old habits again! He apparently can't be in a large group for more than a few days without enacting some scheme to conquer the known world. This time, he doesn't even waste time in knocking out

The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap: Episode 6

Return of the Governor -Season 4, Episode 6 He's back! The Governor is back in this episode, but he's not the same as we left him . . . we meet up with him immediately following his massacre of the Woodburian Militia - he escapes with his two goons, but they promptly

Warehouse 13 Episode 4.19 “All the Time in the World.”

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Last week left us with a few cliffhangers. No good can come from Claudia being Bronzed, especially when the man who Bronzed her is on the loose. While Artie and Steve race to save her, Pete and Myka are off to reunite Charlotte and Sutton in an attempt to discover what Paracelsus wants. Even Mrs. Frederic gets in on the action. Spoilers after the break.

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Defiance Season 1, Episode 12: “Everything is Broken”

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Mmmmm. Do you smell that? Well, I hope not, because this is the internet. If you are smelling something, check your motherboards. You should be metaphorically smelling a tasty dessert that had to bake for 2 months to develop the right flavor. In other words, the egg timer is has dinged and it’s time for the season finale of Defiance! More after the break.

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Real Life Inspiration: Washington DC on July 4th

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It’s 04 July.  There are jubilant people everywhere, and congratulations: you are not in a Dan Brown novel.  However, you are in Washington, DC, there is a plot about, and someone is going to die. If there were any way to use the federal capital of the United States, it has to be on the holiday of unprecedented jingoism. Now everyone might be aware of the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and other monuments. After the two National Treasure movies, it may seem like the public knows everything, but there are entire areas of DC that are worth looking into. Follow after the break for a glimpse into almost 10 square miles full of history, politics, and intrigue…

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Defiance Season 1, Episode 11: “Past is Prologue”

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Defiance - Season 1

If I turned to you, pointed to this week’s episode of Defiance, and asked “Do you want to play a game?” would you think of me more like a friendly childhood chum, or the Jigsaw Killer? Just because the show has improved doesn’t mean it has established consistency. Follow below for an election that was somehow more in-your-face than the last presidential election…

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Scaling Your Campaign, From Ordinary to Epic: Tier 3

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The first step to building any story is determining its scope.  Do you want a small, intimate tale, where the plot revolves around the PC’s personal lives (Tier 1)?  Are they caught up in bigger events that affect the entire city or kingdom around them (Tier 2)?  Or do their actions shake the very foundations of the world, and make an indelible mark on history (Tier 3)? Whether your campaign matches one of the above descriptions or runs through all three, these articles go over the details that will help craft a story in each tier, and great ways to transition from one to the next as the campaign goes on.  Join us after the break for a run down on Tier 3 storytelling! Read more